"Multipacks" refers to a package containing more than one character.

  • Thomas and Rosie
  • Toby and Flora
  • Percy and Mavis
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Sodor Supply Co.
  • Bill and Ben
  • Talking Troublesome Trucks
  • Thomas and the Troublesome Trucks
  • Thomas and the Lion of Sodor (Thomas with Lion of Sodor truck and boxcar)
  • Emily Stuck in the Brush (Leafy Emily with two Sodor Logging Co. trucks)
  • Henry and the Gold Mine (Henry wiith a truck full of gold)
  • Percy's Sweet Special (Chocolate Crunch Percy and two trucks)
  • Spencer's Heavy Haul (Spencer with two trucks)
  • James's Muddy Surprise (Muddy James with two trucks)
  • Gordon's Snowy Special (Snowy Gordon with two trucks)
  • Rocky (Rocky's Crane with two support flatbeds)
  • Thomas, Percy, and Rosie
  • Thomas and the Bees (Includes bee-covered Thomas, a bee car, a bee hive truck, and a honey tanker)
  • Harold and the Rescue Cars (Includes Harold, a flatbed with lifeboat supplies, and a Sodor Rescue truck with magnetic load)
  • Edward and the Jobi Tree (Includes Edward and two log cars with Jobi wood)
  • Thomas and the Treasure (Includes Thomas and a Pirate's Cove truck with a treasure chest)
  • Hank and the Fishes (Includes Hank, a boat on a flatbed, and a Brendam fish market truck)
  • Percy Hard at Work (Includes Percy and three Sodor Construction Company trucks with loads that create a covered bridge)
  • Charlie and the Aquarium (Includes Charlie, a fish truck, and a fish tank car)
  • Pop Goes Thomas (Includes a lemonade-covered Thomas and lemonade truck)
  • Salty's Catch of the Day (Includes Salty, a tanker, a Brendam fish market truck, and a boat on a flatbed)
  • James' Ice Cream Express (Includes James, flatbed with ice cream containers, and Sodor Sweet Shoppe tanker)
  • Kevin's Helping Hook
  • Steamies vs. Diesels (Thomas, Percy, Diesel, and Mavis)
  • Kevin and Percy to the Rescue (Includes Percy, Kevin and 2 flatbeds with tings on it)
  • Scruff's Dirty Job (Includes Scruff with truck filled with garbage)
  • Talking Hard at Work Thomas and Percy pack

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